[paludis-user] paludis::NoSuchSetError

Alexander SCHMID asnovember at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 24 11:35:24 UTC 2010

Hi All! (Merry Xmas to everyone here!)

I have tried playing with "cave" a little bit and now I get the following error
I can't resolve by myself.

amd64x2 ~ # paludis -ip world
Building target list...
Building dependency list: ... 935 steps
Unhandled exception:
  * In program paludis -ip world:
  * When performing install action from command line:
  * When executing install task:
  * When building dependency list:
  * When adding NamedSetDepSpec 'world':
  * When adding NamedSetDepSpec 'world::environment':
  * When adding NamedSetDepSpec 'x11-libs':
  * Could not find 'x11-libs' (paludis::NoSuchSetError)
amd64x2 ~ #

I have not found any hint for that error.
How can I "recover" this 'x11-libs'?
A 'paludis -q x11-libs/*' list all available and installed packages.

Maybe this: 'amd64x2 ~ # cave update-world -s x11-libs' was the wrong command I
made with 'x11-libs' ... ?

If someone know how to fix, please help me! Thanx in advance!


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