[paludis-user] Qt-core....again

David Raison david at hackerspace.lu
Mon Oct 26 22:42:19 UTC 2009

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Hi list,

I've had this
problem before and have upgraded eveyrthing to the 4.5.2 packages though.

Now there's been the profile update as well as an update of kdelibs and
it has that very strange dependency:
'x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1:4::gentoo': but '!>x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1-r9999':

Which means that it wants to downgrade. Unfortunately, that leads to the
following error:

Any solutions?


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Dependency error:
  * In program paludis -i world -p:
  * When performing install action from command line:
  * When executing install task:
  * When building dependency list:
  * When adding NamedSetDepSpec 'world':
  * When adding NamedSetDepSpec 'world::environment':
  * When adding PackageDepSpec 'kde-base/kdelibs':
  * When adding package 'kde-base/kdelibs-4.3.1-r2:4.3::gentoo':
  * When adding build dependencies as pre dependencies:
  * When adding PackageDepSpec '>=x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1:4[qt3support,ssl]':
  * When adding package 'x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1:4::gentoo':
  * When adding run dependencies as post dependencies:
  * When checking BlockDepSpec '!>x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1-r9999':
  * Block: >x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1-r9999 (paludis::BlockError)

 * You have 7 unread news items (use 'eselect news' to read)

leto ~ # eix kdelibs
[U] kde-base/kdelibs
     Available versions:
	(3.5)	[M]3.5.9-r4!t 3.5.10-r6!t
	(4.2)	~4.2.4-r4!t
	(4.3)	4.3.1-r1!t 4.3.1-r2!t ~4.3.2-r3!t
	{3dnow acl alsa altivec aqua arts avahi bindist branding bzip2 cups
debug doc elibc_FreeBSD fam handbook jpeg2k kdeenablefinal
kdehiddenvisibility kdeprefix kerberos kernel_linux legacyssl lua lzma
mmx nls openexr opengl semantic-desktop spell sse sse2 ssl test tiff
utempter xinerama zeroconf}
     Installed versions:  3.5.10-r6(3.5)!t(15:29:04 14/10/09)(acl alsa
cups kernel_linux -arts -avahi -bindist -branding -debug -doc
- -elibc_FreeBSD -fam -jpeg2k -kdehiddenvisibility -kerberos -legacyssl
- -lua -openexr -spell -tiff -utempter)
     Homepage:            http://www.kde.org/
     Description:         KDE libraries needed by all KDE programs.

leto ~ # eix qt-core
[I] x11-libs/qt-core
     Available versions:  (4)  4.4.2 4.4.2-r2 4.5.1 4.5.2 ~4.5.3-r1
	{debug doc glib iconv optimized-qmake pch qt3support ssl}
     Installed versions:  4.5.2(4)(22:58:02 25/10/09)(glib iconv ssl
- -debug -doc -pch -qt3support)
     Homepage:            http://qt.nokia.com/
     Description:         The Qt toolkit is a comprehensive C++
application development framework

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