[paludis-user] QT packages block themselves from updating

K. Larsen kroylar at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 07:05:08 UTC 2009

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 11:49 PM, David Watzke <david at watzke.cz> wrote:
> Yes, --dl-blocks discard is safe. You have to realize that you don't have much
> of a choice here. Block's here because i.e. newer qt-core won't work with
> older qt-gui, and so on. So you've got two options. Discarding blocks will
> just upgrade all the Qt modules, one at the time and during this some Qt apps
> won't work for a while. Or you can permit unsafe uninstalls, drop all the Qt
> modules and install the new ones... but Qt apps won't work until it's all
> installed again, obviously.

Thanks for the explanation David.  There is, however one possible
problem that I can see with this method.  What happens when one qt
library gets updated before the others? Or you happen to do a sync
before all the qt libraries have been updated on the mirrors?  Then,
by discarding the blocks, you'll end up with one library that's newer
than the others.  And, as you said, this could lead to problems.

There needs to be a solution that will only upgrade the QT libraries
if they will all be upgraded to the same version.

Thanks for the help, though. I did get it working. :)


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