[paludis-user] A trvial question about paludis -u --with-dependencies <target>

Tom tom at giftssoft.com
Thu Dec 10 17:53:46 UTC 2009

I admit that this question is rather trivial, but here it goes. In
"paludis  --uninstall  --with_dependencies  <target>", why is the
"--with-dependencies" option called "with dependencies"?    To me, that
seems to imply that paludis will uninstall the target package and every
package that it depends on (similar to the --with-unused-dependencies
option, except that it would dangerously uninstall used dependencies as
well), but what it actually does (as per the documentation) is to
uninstall the target package and every package that depends on the
target, making it more like a "--with-depended-upon" option.  In other
words, if A -> B -> C, then "paludis -u --with-dependencies B" will
uninstall B and C rather than B and A.  Is "depended upon" considered to
be a type of dependency or is the option supposed to imply "uninstall
every package for which dependency=target"?  Just curious.   No big





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