[paludis-user] reconcilio and SEARCH_DIRS_MASK

Renat Golubchyk ragermany at gmx.net
Sun Apr 12 13:00:05 UTC 2009

On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 09:22:17 +0100 David Leverton
<levertond at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Saturday 11 April 2009 22:39:07 Renat Golubchyk wrote:
> > Looking at the source code of reconcilio I noticed
> > that /usr/lib*/openoffice gets added to SEARCH_DIRS_MASK as a
> > default
> > (src/clients/reconcilio/broken_linkage_finder/configuration.cc,
> > line 293). It's hardcoded right into the programme.
> >
> > Excuse me, but what's the point? I understand that openoffice is a
> > big package and that its recompilation would need a lot of time and
> > space. But why should I have to inspect openoffice binaries
> > manually in order to find out that it has to be recompiled? Doesn't
> > it defeat the purpose of having a client that is supposed to find
> > and rebuild packages with broken linkage?
> That's probably there because revdep-rebuild has it, or at least
> had.

I found only one reference to openoffice in revdep-rebuild (I have
app-portage/gentoolkit- In the function
setup_search_paths_and_masks() there is the following code snippet:

  # Add the defaults
  if [[ -d /etc/revdep-rebuild ]]; then
    for configfile in /etc/revdep-rebuild/*; do
      SEARCH_DIRS+=" "$(. $configfile; echo $SEARCH_DIRS)
      SEARCH_DIRS_MASK+=" "$(. $configfile; echo $SEARCH_DIRS_MASK)
      LD_LIBRARY_MASK+=" "$(. $configfile; echo $LD_LIBRARY_MASK)
    SEARCH_DIRS+=" /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /lib* /usr/lib*"
    SEARCH_DIRS_MASK+=" /opt/OpenOffice /usr/lib/openoffice"
    LD_LIBRARY_MASK+=" libodbcinst.so libodbc.so libjava.so libjvm.so"

Thus, /usr/lib/openoffice gets added only when there is no directory
named /etc/revdep-rebuild, otherwise the files in that directory are
scanned. On the contrary, reconcilio adds those directories regardless
of whether there are any configuration files in /etc/revdep-rebuild. I
would suggest to change that accordingly.

> If it's causing problems it can go away.

It's not causing real problems. It's just inconvenient. Because as a
user I expect reconcilio to show all broken packages, not just some
arbitrary subset. Otherwise I can scan all the files myself.


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