[paludis-user] supporting a custom repository?

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 9 15:21:59 UTC 2009

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009 23:16:35 -0700
Alex Tsui <alextsui05 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an idea of implementing support a custom repository for Octave
> packages and have been looking through the existing codebase for Gems
> and CRAN as a reference.

I'd suggest looking at unwritten and unavailable too. They're quite a
bit easier to understand.

> I was wondering if it was a good idea to start from scratch and
> emulate the design of, say, the CRAN repository, or if there was a
> better starting point to extending Paludis that I'm not aware about?

If you're looking to do a new repository, the steps are mostly as

* Get it working, just for installable packages, and just for metadata.
  You're best copying unwritten and unavailable here.

* Get it working for installed packages too.

* Get install working.

* Get uninstall working.

* Start doing whatever tweaks you need to get it to work well.

The big question is the metadata. How is the metadata distributed, can
you get all metadata upfront, and is it easily parseable?

The other big question is, how's your C++ and are you at least
reasonably comfortable with writing thread-safe code?

> Speaking of the CRAN repository, I know it is currently unmaintained,
> but I was wondering what its status was, eg. what's broken and what
> kind of work has to happen to get it working again?

It's broken a) because there're a few bugs in upstream metadata for CRAN
things, and there's no-one to contact to get them fixed, and b) because
I don't know enough about CRAN to just go in and work around it.

CRAN isn't hard to do, if you know how CRAN works and if you're
prepared to get upstream to fix a few things. Ditto for Gems.

Ciaran McCreesh
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