[paludis-user] downgrade forced, but nothing is downgraded

Raimar Sandner lists at 404not-found.de
Fri Oct 10 15:42:59 UTC 2008


I'm aware of the fact that paludis enforces the dependencies of
installed packages, and therefore sometimes tries to downgrade
packages like qt which have recently been upgraded if there are
other packages installed depending on the old version.

But nevertheless I don't understand the following: I have upgraded
x11-libs/qt from 4.3.5 to 4.4.2, now I get:

$ paludis -pi strigi
Building target list...             
Building dependency list...paludis at 1223650480: [WARNING dep_list.downgrade] In program paludis (--continue-on-failure if-satisfied --log-level warning) -pi strigi:                                                                                             
  ... When performing install action from command line:                                                                         
  ... When executing install task:                                                                                              
  ... When building dependency list:                                                                                            
  ... When adding PackageDepSpec 'app-misc/strigi':
  ... When adding package 'app-misc/strigi-0.5.11:0::gentoo':
  ... When adding build dependencies as pre dependencies:
  ... When using already installed package to resolve dependencies:
  ... When adding PackageDepSpec '=x11-libs/qt-4.3*:4[dbus]':
  ... Downgrade to 'x11-libs/qt-4.3.5:4::gentoo' from 'x11-libs/qt-4.4.2:4::installed' forced

These packages will be installed:

* app-misc/strigi::gentoo [R 0.5.11] <target>
    clucene dbus -debug -exif -fam -hyperestraier -inotify -log qt4 -test

Total: 1 package (1 rebuild)

 * No unread news items found

But qt actually is NOT downgraded. And I already have reinstalled
app-misc/strigi, so it should depend on the new qt stuff as in

$ paludis --query -D app-misc/strigi
* app-misc/strigi
            qt4? (
                || (

As far as I understand, strigi depends on either qt-core,qt-gui,qt-dbus OR the
old monolitic qt-4.3*:4.

So what is the downgrade warning all about?

Raimar Sandner

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