[paludis-user] Meta Package Management with Paludis

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 13 22:52:46 UTC 2008

On Tue, 11 Nov 2008 10:27:05 +0530
"Paul Ray" <paul.rays at gmail.com> wrote:
>    1. Confirming can Paludis be used as a secondary package manager,
> really? If yes, are there any links that I should be checking out?
> The idea is to use one secondary package manager across most
> distributions of linux if not all. Also the focus is on deployment on
> multiple machines and not so much on building it each time ie. build
> once and deploy in multiple places.

It's something Paludis could be made to do without too much difficulty.
Current development focus is on using it as the primary package manager
everywhere, but that's down to what developers and users want, not any
particular limitation in Paludis itself.

> 2. Paludis documentation talks about ability to manage installs in
> chroots. Can Paludis be made to run on the host and install packages
> only within a chroot or target multiple chroots?

Yes, although the current resolver sucks at this. You'll also run into
issues with ebuilds unless you have pretty much identical
configurations on / and your chroot, if you're building from outside a

> 3. Does it require root access to run Paludis as a secondary package
> manager always?

Currently, yes. This isn't a particularly difficult limitation to
remove if there's demand, though.

> Can it be an alternative to prefixed portage where root access is not
> necessary (running services etc would be an exception where sudo may
> be required)?

That's pretty much an ebuild issue. Ebuilds don't do what you're after,
so you'll need to find another source of packages.

> 4. While in prefixed portage , it requires a change to the ebuild
> which in my opinion is somewhat painful to maintain over a period of
> time. Can Paludis be configured to install packages on a different
> folder (treated as a root much like prefix) without changing the
> ebuilds. For example instead of installing under /usr/share can be
> directed globally to change the root to say /opt/myfolder so that the
> installation goes into /opt/myfolder/usr/share without a change to
> the ebuilds from portage tree?

That's an ebuild thing. Paludis doesn't care where you install things.

> 5. What kind of challenge one can expect if Paludis is attempted to
> be ported on other platform like Windows

Paludis heavily assumes POSIX.

> and Solaris.

Probably not too much, if you've got a real c++ compiler. When porting
to BSD we've run into a few issues, mostly to do with lockf not working
with pipes because BSD sucks.

> 6. Paludis documentation talks about not just
> limited to ebuilds. Does that mean it can be extended to support RPMs
> as well as an example?

Sure, with work. Paludis core is largely package format agnostic.

Ciaran McCreesh
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