[paludis-user] Meta Package Management with Paludis

Paul Ray paul.rays at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 04:57:05 UTC 2008


I chanced upon Paludis while looking for a meta package manager. By meta
package management, I mean sort of a secondary package manager for setting
up applications rather than the core OS. For example on a Ubuntu system, the
core would be 'apt' and a secondary package manager could be Paludis. From
the details on the web site Paludis does seem to me as a good starting
point. The questions that I have though are.

   1. Confirming can Paludis be used as a secondary package manager, really?
   If yes, are there any links that I should be checking out? The idea is to
   use one secondary package manager across most distributions of linux if not
   all. Also the focus is on deployment on multiple machines and not so much on
   building it each time ie. build once and deploy in multiple places.
   2. Paludis documentation talks about ability to manage installs in
   chroots. Can Paludis be made to run on the host and install packages only
   within a chroot or target multiple chroots?
   3. Does it require root access to run Paludis as a secondary package
   manager always? Can it be an alternative to prefixed portage where root
   access is not necessary (running services etc would be an exception where
   sudo may be required)?
   4. While in prefixed portage , it requires a change to the ebuild which
   in my opinion is somewhat painful to maintain over a period of time. Can
   Paludis be configured to install packages on a different folder (treated as
   a root much like prefix) without changing the ebuilds. For example instead
   of installing under /usr/share can be directed globally to change the root
   to say /opt/myfolder so that the installation goes into
   /opt/myfolder/usr/share without a change to the ebuilds from portage tree?
   5. What kind of challenge one can expect if Paludis is attempted to be
   ported on other platform like Windows and Solaris.
   6. Paludis documentation talks about not just limited to ebuilds. Does
   that mean it can be extended to support RPMs as well as an example?

These are definitely lots of questions, and would really appreciate pointers
from the Paludis group. Once again, I am very new to Paludis and also
portage and therefore if the questions are naive, please be gentle :-)

- Ray
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