[paludis-user] Very interested in Paludis!!!

David Watzke david at watzke.cz
Wed Nov 5 20:00:06 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 05 of November 2008 20:51:45 damian wrote:
> Hi all,
hello there

> Can Paludis be used along with portage, or once I've migrated there's
> no going back? If the later is the case, can Paludis be safely used as
> the only package manager for your system?
it can be used along with portage, although you might run into a little 
trouble every now and then, but it's not that bad ... trivial to fix

but i don't think there's a reason for doing so, because paludis works just 

> My old Gentoo instalation just got broken, so I have to do a from
> scratch installation. Paludis can be used from the beggining? Or I
> should start with portage and then switch to Paludis?
yes, it can be used from the beginning - you will save yourself the switching 

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