[paludis-user] Status of contrarius

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Thu May 22 22:04:08 UTC 2008

On Fri, 23 May 2008 00:56:54 +0300
"Alon Bar-Lev" <alon.barlev at gmail.com> wrote:
> > It isn't missing any basic features. It's missing some things about
> >  which we don't really care.
> Ok...
> So let me see if I understand correctly, there is no etc-update,

You can use any of the config update tools. For Exherbo, we're using
'eselect config'. For Gentoo, carry on using etc-update, or
dispatch-conf, or conf-update, or any of the zillion other options.

> (env-update)

'eselect env'

> no binary packages (quickpkg)

Binaries we will be doing at some point. But they're not an essential
feature for what we're doing.

> no phases for package developers (ebuild)

Again, at some point, unless we decide that implementing them will
stop developers from fixing their bad development habits. But again,
they're not an essential feature nor even particularly useful.

> no cross compile toolchain support.

For Exherbo we'll be doing cross compiling properly at some point. For
Gentoo you can't cross compile reliably anyway...

> Current configuration for users is to have portage and paludis in
> parallel, completing missing functionality from portage tools.

Uh... No particular need to have a Portage config anywhere...

Ciaran McCreesh
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