[paludis-user] updating kde in different slots

Markus Leuthold kusi at forum.titlis.org
Wed May 21 12:52:13 UTC 2008

I have kde-base/kdesdk-meta-4.0.4:kde-4 installed. kdesdk-meta:3.5 is 
not installed. The rest of my kde:3.5 installation has version 3.5.8
All kde-4 packages are unmasked in package_unmask.conf. Now, kde-3.5.9 
entered the tree. If I do a paludis -pi world, 0 packages are updated. 
Why is kde:3.5 not updated?
In order to update my kde:3.5,  I masked kde-4 again. paludis -pi world 
now returns, among other hundreds of similar lines
* kde-base/kdesdk-meta::gentoo :3.5 [S 3.5.9] <world>
But I don't want to have kdesdk installed in 3.5! So I tried
  paludis -pi --dl-new-slots as-needed world
with the same results.

How do I update my kde:3.5 installation without installing new packages?


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