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Steven Oliver oliver.steven at gmail.com
Fri May 16 15:02:53 UTC 2008

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Would a new tree like he's proposing have to be embedded only?

Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
| On Fri, 16 May 2008 16:40:11 +0200
| "Tom Cooksey" <tomcooksey at googlemail.com> wrote:
|>>> Any ebuild replacement/enhancement planned to do this? :-)
|>> Wouldn't be hard to come up with one... The issue's more finding
|>> someone to do a tree.
|>> If we're talking embedded, I'd imagine we're talking less than a
|>> hundred packages, so it's possibly only a few days work...
|> It's the existing tree which I see the real value in. All those
|> packages sitting there ready to be compiled. Yes, I could come up with
|> a ebuild replacement, but then I'd have to maintain all the packages
|> myself, which defeats the point. The only option would be to get the
|> community to adopt an ebuild format which is more cross-compile
|> friendly. I don't really see that happening.
| Honestly, if you were to come up with a small tree aimed at building
| embedded systems, I suspect you'd end up getting quite a bit of
| interest from other people. You're not the first to ask these kinds of
| questions...
| *shrug* It's a question of how much extra work it would be to start
| such a project and see if it attracts enough people to be maintained...
| If you or anyone else does go that way, give me a prod regarding design
| and package manager things.
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