[paludis-user] Paludis on non-Gentoo & non-root operation

Tom Cooksey tomcooksey at googlemail.com
Tue May 13 22:04:51 UTC 2008

Two questions:

1. Can Paludis run on non-Gentoo distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, SuSE,
CygWin!? etc)?

I guess this is an obvious yes, but I just wanted to check there's no
weird dependencies on system layout.

2. Can Paludis run as an ordinary user?

I guess what I mean is packages are installed into a directory the
user has permissions for e.g. "/home/bob/mytoy/rootfs" & configuration
files are stored in a different directory E.g. "/home/bob/config".

It would be pretty cool to install build deps into a different
directory to runtime deps too.

What I really want to do is use paludis as a replacement for
OpenEmbedded. It needs to be able to run as non-root, build a
cross-toolchain, compile build deps for host arch, build runtime deps
for target arch and perhaps even build binary packages. It would be
pretty cool if it did this automatically. E.g. You write a few
configuration files describing the target arch, use flags etc. then
just run paludis which automatically builds everything. Build deps go
into the toolchain's rootfs dir & runtime deps are installed into the
target's rootfs dir. I then either nfs mount the rootfs dir or use
some tool to strip the target rootfs & wrap it all up into a jffs2
image or something.

I've tried this many times with portage with varying results. I've
read about contrarius, but I want more than just a cross-toolchain. I
want it to build a complete rootfs and I want it to automatically work
out that target arch != host arch, so it needs to build a

Eventually I'd like to run a build server which embedded devices can
connect to and ask it to build a particular package for them. All that
should be needed on the device is the configuration and maybe some
executable to work out package deps so they know what to ask for. The
server can then build everything it needs (including the
cross-compiler) based on the device's configuration.

I realise Paludis is probably pretty far from my personal end-game and
I'm not asking for anyone to implement what I want. I just want an
honest opinion of how far Paludis is from these kind of things.



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