[paludis-user] Paludis started messing up permissions

Dirk Heinrichs dirk.heinrichs.ext at nsn.com
Thu May 8 07:57:10 UTC 2008

Am Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2008 schrieb ext Dirk Heinrichs:
> Am Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2008 schrieb ext Ciaran McCreesh:
> > On Thu, 8 May 2008 07:51:08 +0200
> >
> > Dirk Heinrichs <dirk.heinrichs.ext at nsn.com> wrote:
> > > all packages I installed/updated yesterday have their permissions
> > > messed up, binaries have mode 600. Reinstalling with emerge results
> > > in correct permissions again, using paludis recreates the mess.
> > > Paludis is version 0.26.1.
> >
> > What did you change?
> Hmm, there was a bash update yesterday, looks like packages installed
> after bash are affected, I'll check that...

Seems I found the reason. Wanted to test btrfs [1] and chose all Gentoo 
related directories for the test ($PORTDIR, $DISTDIR and $PORTAGE_TMPDIR 
were put on a btrfs volume). Remounting the old, xfs based volumes brought 
paludis back to normal behaviour. However, the question remains: Why does a 
change in the underlying fs affect paludis at all (and not 
portage/emerge) ?

The behaviour is reproducible:

I have:

All three are logical volumes, mounted as follows:

# mount|grep gentoo
/dev/evms/build on /gentoo/build type xfs (rw)
/dev/evms/overlays on /gentoo/overlays type xfs (rw)
/dev/evms/distfiles on /gentoo/distfiles type xfs (rw)

With this setup, paludis works fine. Mounting the btrfs volumes again, like

# mount|grep gentoo
/dev/evms/gentoo on /gentoo/distfiles type btrfs (rw,subvol=distfiles)
/dev/evms/gentoo on /gentoo/build type btrfs (rw,subvol=build)
/dev/evms/gentoo on /gentoo/overlays type btrfs (rw,subvol=overlays)

does again make paludis install things with wrong permisions.

[1]: http://oss.oracle.com/projects/btrfs


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