[paludis-user] Bouncing between repositories

169440 169440 at stud.umk.pl
Fri May 2 17:02:42 UTC 2008

I'm using paludis-0.26.0_pre4.
How can I prevent from bouncing between repositories (during world update).
I mean situation, like this one:
# paludis world -ip
These packages will be installed:

* sys-apps/coreutils::gentoo [U 6.10-r1 -> 6.10-r2] <system, world>
   Reasons: sys-apps/baselayout-, 
   acl nls (-selinux) -static -vanilla -xattr
* dev-util/cvs::gentoo [N 1.12.12-r4]
   Reasons: *sys-apps/groff-1.20_pre20080309:0::Eaedificata
   "Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools"
   -crypt -doc -emacs -kerberos nls pam -server
* sys-apps/groff::Eaedificata [U 1.19.2-r1 -> 1.20_pre20080309] <system>
   Reasons: *sys-apps/man-1.6f-r2:0::Eaedificata
* sys-apps/man::Eaedificata (previously ::gentoo) [U 1.6f -> 1.6f-r2]
   Reasons: *virtual/man-1.6f-r2::virtuals (virtual for 
media-fonts/encodings-1.0.2:0::installed, 57 more
   nls unicode+
* sys-apps/util-linux::gentoo [U 2.13.1 ->] <system>
   Reasons: sys-apps/hal-
   -crypt -loop-aes nls -old-linux (-selinux) slang unicode
* sys-libs/slang::gentoo [D 2.1.3-r1 -> 1.4.9-r2]
   Reasons: *app-misc/mc-4.6.1-r4:0::installed
   cjk unicode+
* dev-util/subversion::Eaedificata (previously ::gentoo) [U 1.4.6 -> 
1.6_pre30719] <world>
   Reasons: dev-util/subversion-1.6_pre30719:0::Eaedificata, 
   -apache2 bash-completion -berkdb -debug -doc -emacs -extras -java nls 
perl python -ruby -sasl+ -vim-syntax -webdav-neon+ -webdav-serf+ elibc: 
* net-misc/neon::Eaedificata (previously ::gentoo) [U 0.26.4 -> 
   Reasons: gnome-base/gnome-vfs-2.20.1-r1:2::installed, 
   -doc+ -expat -gnutls+ -kerberos nls -pkcs11+ -socks5 ssl zlib 
linguas: -cs+ -de+ -fr+ ja+ -nn+ pl+ -ru+ -tr+ -zh_CN+
* x11-themes/qtcurve::gentoo [U 0.55.1 -> 0.58.0] <world>

Total: 9 packages (1 new, 7 upgrades, 1 downgrade)
For example: net-misc/neon::Eaedificata (previously ::gentoo)
Why paludis wants to change repository (from gentoo to Eaedificata). I 
know, that there is newer version of neon in Eaedificata repository, but 
I have installed neon from gentoo repository, and I don't want to use 
other repository for this package. How can I prevent from instalation 
from Eaedificata repository (I mean easy way, not package_mask.conf 
modification for all packages)?
"gentoo" repository is more important (importance = 7) against 
"Eaedificata" (importance=3).

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