[paludis-user] How to add a git repository

169440 169440 at stud.umk.pl
Sun Aug 24 19:26:39 UTC 2008

How can I add a git repository? I want to try kde4, so I try to add kde 
nano -w /etc/paludis/repositories/kde.conf

location = ${ROOT}/usr/repos-paludis/kde
sync = git://www2.mailstation.de/git/genkde4svn.git
profiles = ${ROOT}/usr/portage/profiles/default-linux/x86/2007.0
distdir = ${ROOT}/var/tmp/paludis/kde/distfiles
format = ebuild
names_cache = ${location}/.cache/names
write_cache = /var/cache/kde/metadata
master_repository = gentoo
importance = 6
I have created all necessary directories, so it's time to sync new 
repository tree.
The problem is, that a receive an error while I try to sync it:
paludis -s x-kde

Sync x-kde
sync x-kde>  * '/usr/repos-paludis/kde' exists but it is not a Git 

Where is the problem?

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