[paludis-user] Problem building poppler-bindings - environment variables?

Alexandros Diamantidis adia at hellug.gr
Sat Aug 9 20:12:27 UTC 2008


I had some trouble building app-text/poppler-bindings with paludis,
because of the following lines in poppler-bindings-0.8.5.ebuild:

src_compile() {
        # Configure needs help finding qt libs on multilib systems
        export QTLIB="${QTDIR}/$(get_libdir)"

$QTDIR was empty while emerging, so Qt couldn't be found. After setting
this variable in /etc/paludis/bashrc, it completed successfully.

I was wondering, is this a bug either in paludis or in this ebuild?
Should I report it somewhere? Or is setting QTDIR in bashrc indeed the
right thing to do?



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