[paludis-user] Enchantment proposal

Dark_Dimius darkdimius at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 05:23:41 UTC 2008

The main differences from bash are
1. you dont have to combine long commands, even if you want them to
run like one. Just add them to sequence one by one and then install
2. If you want to find names of  packages and then emerge them you
dont need to keep the list in mind or in file, you can just enter like
"search name1 {enter} <here will b the list of satisfied packages>
install full_name1 {enter} search name2 {enter} <here will b the list
of satisfied packages> install full_name2 {enter} ... and so on"
3. after you added them on you can run command "list" to see what will
be dome if you run "run" and you can cancel only one action, what
makes everything easier, at least for me.

Yes, this all could be done using scrips, but it will make us rum
paludis many times and it wont be optimal by time, also in my opinion
it will be a great feature, making paludis more pleasant to use and
will save time while constructing long package lists for install.

2008/8/4 Dark_Dimius <darkdimius at gmail.com>:
> Hi, users and developers of paludis.
> Before switching to Gentoo I used fedora for long time and there in
> package manager there were a wonderful feature - called shell mode.
> The main idea was in making all package
> searching\processing\installing\deinstaling by separate commands,
> making you able to have a saved sequence of actions and to cancel some
> of them. Real action is taken only after your command.
> It would be great to see such feature in paludis.
> Sory for my poor English.
> Best regards, dark_dimius

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