[paludis-user] config protect hook

Moshe Kamensky moshe.kamensky at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 3 18:23:36 UTC 2008

* Moshe Kamensky <moshe.kamensky at googlemail.com> [03/04/08 10:45]:
> Hi There,
> At which stage are the config protected files recognised and merged? Is 
> there a hook where I can change this behaviour? I would like to put the 
> new version of a config protected file somewhere else.
> Thanks,
> Moshe

Ok, I can do this by moving the file to the new location in 
merger_install_file_post, if I know the name of the file to move. It 
seems that $INSTALL_DESTINATION contains the name of the original 
(protected) file. Is there a variable that contains the name of the 
actual file that was written?


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