[paludis-user] Paludis 0.24.6 Released

Ciaran McCreesh ciaranm at ciaranm.org
Tue Aug 14 19:21:34 UTC 2007

Paludis 0.24.6 has been released:

    * Various bugfixes: ebuild_notice is now called correctly by various
      utilities. Exit statuses for programs dying with a signal are now
      detected correctly.

    * g++-4.2's std::exception::what() is less useful. We now use
      typeid.name() to get the type of an exception for error messages.

    * configure now checks for more CXXFLAGS that are known to cause

    * We now include test cases for hooks. This means eselect modules
      are now strict build dependencies.

Ciaran McCreesh

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