[Exherbo-dev] To Gerrit or not to Gerrit ...

kim at khh.dk kim at khh.dk
Sun Dec 18 19:03:49 UTC 2016


Wulf: I am not trying to step on your work, let me know if you think it should be done otherwise

We are currently in the situation that the main place for our code reviews is gone which is unfortunate. I would like to put in some work to change that, preferably in a way where multiple "sys-admin" Exherbo developers can help each other maintain it.

Since Gerrit is not the easiest piece of software to setup/maintain and since I personally do not prefer the Gerrit workflow (making it as hard as possible to work on a branch of commits and creating a tendency for devs to create large commits to make it easier for the review process) I would like to ask if you think:

- We need Gerrit back


- We need a place to help review code
The Jenkins part of it I would like to postpone for now, since it can be done separately

I do not mind working on bringing Gerrit back if that is what people prefer :)


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