[Exherbo-dev] Unofficial repository hosting

Ali Polatel alip at exherbo.org
Sat Sep 12 16:46:28 BST 2009

Alexander Færøy yazmış:
> Hi,
> We have recently talked about Github's uptime and how badly it sucks
> when repositories are unavailable because Github is down, and we do not
> want to host every unofficial repository on git.exherbo.org since it
> would be regarded as an official repository then.
> Here is my offer to those of you who are tired of Github's uptime:
> I have recently installed redmine on my personal server to host my own
> projects (since I got tired of Github's uptime :). You are more than
> welcome to prod me on IRC or email me (off the list though) if you want
> your own git repository and a redmine project on
> http://projects.0x90.dk/

This is great, I definitely want to move sydbox, I'm tired of Github
being so slow.

> Redmine has an issue tracker, wiki, upload of files and a code browser
> and I run a git-daemon instance to make the code available for the
> general public.

Sounds cool.

> This is not purely for Exheres repositories. If you work on something
> else Exherbo related you are more than welcome to request a project page
> and a Git repository.

I want to request a project page and Git repository for sydbox :)

> -- 
> Alexander Færøy

Ali Polatel
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