[Exherbo-dev] Do we really need addpredict?

Ali Polatel polatel at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 21:47:29 BST 2009

$subject says it all.
Do we really need addpredict? If so why?
Currently there are two places where it's used.

The first place is the default_src_test which adds "/" to
predict prefixes. The reasons for this is historical. Removing it
doesn't seem to make more tests fail. Although I must admit I haven't
tried to build all tree with this disabled.

The second place is scm-cvs exlib. Here it's only used to suppress an
access violation but sydbox master has support for access violation
hooks which are just used for this purpose. Here's how you can use them
to suppress an access violation:

cat >syd.hook <<EOF # Such hooks will usually end up in $FILES
echo "Pid: $1"
echo "System call name: $2"
echo "Path that caused the access violation: $3"
if [[ "$2" == open && "$3" == "/etc/passwd" ]]; then
        exit 1 # Hook returning non-zero prevents the access violation
               # from being raised. The access is _still_ denied though.
chmod +x syd.hook
sydboxcmd addhook "$(pwd)"/syd.hook # I'll probably add an addhook
                                    # command, that's aliased to this.
[run the stuff that raises the useless access violation here]
sydboxcmd rmhook "$(pwd)"/syd.hook  # And an rmhook command as well.

So we have no use cases left for addpredict.
Please start whining or I'll remove addpredict soonish.

Ali Polatel
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